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Project 05


Welcome to Project 5, we ventured to Hampton Inn and Suites for a Mock wedding shoot. They're goal was to have just some more content for their website and social media. We took it upon ourselves to take it a step further and create a guideline for them to follow. By doing so we did a deep dive and a ton of research on what makes a successful wedding venue, and how can we do that VIA video. It comes down to story, and WHY brides decide to book certain venues. We took this idea of a luxurious Wedding Venue in a historical town like Cazenovia, with many landmarks and historical features. Its for the brides that want that historical town features, to be able to go take photos at all these places but also want to stay in a luxury hotel with many great amenities. Final video for this project is TBA and still in the works, expected before summer. 

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